3 Reasons Why Live Streaming Is The New Trend

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Live Streaming Starts The Modern Live Show Age


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Live streaming - the act of broadcasting an event in real-time - gives us the unique opportunity to capitalize on the energy of a live performance, while enabling others outside of our community to participate. With advances in technology, it has also become increasingly easy to broadcast live video to the internet. In this article, we will discuss THREE reasons why live streaming becomes the new trend in this modern age.


Social Media Platforms Rise

If you’re on Facebook, then at some point today you’ll most likely receive a notification that some person or company is “Live.” Apart from this prominent player in the world of live streaming, other social platforms have started to catch on as well. For example YouTube, Snapchat, Instagram, Hulu also open the doors for YouTubers, KOLs to do live streaming and broadcasting.

Do you know how much time you spend on social media everyday? Over 4 Hours per day! We don't want to miss anything from our beloved artists or YouTubers. We wait for live broadcast and enjoy live-chat through platform live-streaming. Statistics show that there're nearly 10 million active users everyday and we watch for an average of 106 minutes every week. As we can see, tons of social media platforms are starting to integrate live streaming, making it even more popular and trendy in the digital world.

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Great Way To Reach Audience

When companies implement live-streaming into your marketing strategy, they give audience the opportunity to interact instantly with the video content / the host. When audience join the live stream, they can participate in the running commentary about whatever they're seeing, so there's immediate interaction. From product launches to social campaigns, live streams have provided brands with an opportunity to connect with their audiences in real-time in a way we haven’t seen before.

Your target audience like to get involved and feel that they are part of the group. Live streaming can offer what they need and pull the audience closer to the company. Therefore, companies start to use this method to reach a larger group of audience through broadcasting at different platforms. This is one of the reasons why live streams are needed.

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Technology Follows

As live streaming has become more ubiquitous and popular, different technological companies have followed suite in creating new tools and ways to do live streaming. Not only we can use drones to live stream (especially for holiday Video-Blogs and travel shows), some companies even bring live stream to the next level!

YoloLiv Live Streaming Studio is a typical example. With encoder, switcher, monitor and record built in one, YoloBox live streaming studio allows you to go Full HD live stream, multi-camera productions, picture in picture and many more! You just need a filming gadget, YoloBox and WiFi network - Start broadcasting at multiple platforms!

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Get this Portable Live Stream Studio now!


If you are working as a YouTuber, KOL or a professional advertisement /event photographer, this live stream studio makes live streaming as easy as pressing a button! You can go live with more than one camera and have your live show on different online platforms. Get one now and experience it by yourself!

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