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I believe that everyone has watched at least one live video. Do you think that it is interesting? What kind of content you would like to watch?

What is live streaming?

Before we know more about the content of live streaming, we should know what is it and how it works.

Live streaming, also called live video, is the broadcasting of a real-time video to the audience over the internet. You can live stream on an online platform through your devices such as mobile phone, tablet, etc. Unlike the traditional live broadcast, live streaming through online platform is mush easiler. There are more and more online platforms are launched for live streaming such as YouNow, LiveMe and Periscope are gaining more and more following. The social media like Facebook, Instagram and YouTube also launch the live streaming function in their apps. Live streaming becomes more and more popular.

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What kinds of live video are broadcasting through online platform? 

Live video is not only for teens. Refer to the research done by Statista, people of all age are watching and creating live-streaming. 63% of people at age 18-34 are watching live-streaming regularly. But, what kind of content they are watching now?

1. Real-Time Interaction with the creators

Sometimes, a live-streaming is just for chatting with people around the world. Instead of typing words, the creator can make use of the chat room function to read the message from their audience. The audience can get the answer immediately and make them feel like they are close to the creator. It is good for people to make friends through the chat room and enhance the connection between the audience and the creators.

YoloLiv YoloBox Live Streaming Live Video Facebook Live YouTube Live Instagram Live creators audiences communication interaction

2. Event Broadcast

Your favourite football match is going to start! But no TV broadcasting on this match! What can you do?

No worries, online platform can help you! Some special event like football matches, Oscar Awards, Olympics, etc., all these programs may not be able to watch through TV broadcast. Therefore, some of the official website with live stream the event. The audience can enjoy the show on the internet.

Besides, some of the creators will broadcast part of the live event to the audience and let them enjoy the side view of the event. They will walk around and show the audience about the event and introduce the event contents. The creators will become the eyes and ears of the audience.


3. Promotion

Live streaming is also a promotion tool for companies. Most of the companies have their own social media account and they will make use of the live streaming function to interact with their customers, especially for online shops. They don't have retail shops and sometimes customers are not confident enough to purchase an online shop. Then, the shops can make use of live streaming to communicate with their customers. Also, they can show their products through the live video. Because customers can see the product without editing, they will be more confident in purchasing from your shop.

YoloLiv YoloBox Live Streaming Live Video Facebook Live YouTube Live Instagram Live creators audiences promotion your products

Preparation for live streaming

The preparation for live video streaming is easy. Set up an account on any social media or live streaming apps and use your mobile phone for video taking. You can be a live video creator!

Of course, some creators are professional and their equipment are more advanced. They may get several professional cameras for filming different angles. The most important is a multi-functional control panel such as the YoloLiv YoloBox portable live stream studio. It is a monitor for you to do Full HD live stream, multi-camera production, picture in picture, watermarks, etc. It is perfect for creators who want to do live streaming on different platforms at the same time. By using this YoloLiv YoloBox, creators can edit their live video and provide different filming angles to their audience.

YoloLiv YoloBox Live Streaming Live Video Facebook Live YouTube Live Instagram Live creators audiences camera 4 in 1 fucntons

Live streaming is a trend for recent years and will continuously grow in the future. If you want your live video to be more special and outstanding, you should be more creative and improve your filming equipment to produce more professional live videos.

Get YoloLiv Box Now and start your first live streaming!

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