About Stream Source - Hong Kong Distributor of YololivBox

YololivBox is a smart, super-easy-to-use, and affordable live streaming hardware for organizations and individuals, which helps your cameras go LIVE instantly. Whether you’re streaming to social or producing an event streamed around the world, you can reach your audience everywhere. Distribute high-quality video to your website, apps, Over-the-Top platform, and social channels, no matter where they are. 

Yololivbox YoloBox plus live streaming studio live stream facebook live youtube live event touch screen 雲犀3.0

YololivBox is then a fairly big screen that allows you to directly monitor what's going on with your live streamed events in real-time and control settings just like a phone App , it's a professional Monitor + Control Panel, which is easier and more flexible for you to watch. 

You can stream unlimited events to unlimited viewers and store content indefinitely without worrying about overages. It's really about to take your live streaming to the next level.