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Insta360 ONE X2 Dive Case

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Insta360 ONE X2

Dive Case



Take panoramic shots and explore the wonderful underwater world

Suitable for sports scenes such as surfing, rafting and snorkelingDimBuyShop-Insta360-ONE-X2-45m-Waterproof-Protective-Dive-Case

Due to underwater refraction, the lens part of the diving shell adopts a spherical design to increase the viewing angle and make the overall splicing effect better. At the same time, after increasing the refraction angle, the bottom of the diving shell cannot be completely hidden. In the actual shooting effect, a small transparent block will appear at the bottom, which can be blocked by "custom logo". In actual use, it is recommended to install the diving shell and the buoyancy rod vertically to reduce the influence of the small transparent block at the bottom of the diving shell on the screen.



1. Open the Case

Lift the buckle as shown below, then pull it down to remove it from the hook. Repeat with the other buckle. When both sides are disengaged, open the Dive Case.




2. Insert the Anti-Fog Inserts

Ensure that two anti-fog inserts are inserted as shown below.



1) When installing anti-fog inserts, align their holes so that the inserts do not cover the camera's status indicators.

2) When using third-party anti-fog inserts, ensure that the size is within 32x18x1mm. If the inserts are too large, they will cause water leakage and potentially damage the camera.

3. Insert the Camera

Install the Dive Case's lower cover



Install the Dive Case's upper cover




1) When using the camera in water, please lock the touch screen to avoid accidental presses.

2) When inserting the camera, take care not to scratch the lens.

4. Close the Case
To close the Dive Case, latch the buckle onto the case's hook and firmly push down until it clicks.



1) Ensure the Dive Case is firmly closed. Be sure that the parts of the Dive Case in contact with its rubber seal are free of dirt or dust.

2) For the best results, keep the lenses of the Dive Case clean.

5. Attach the Stabilizer Ring

When connecting the Dive Case to other accessories, such as the floating hand grip, be sure to stick a stabilizer ring to the screw points.


6. Stitch

After capturing with the Dive Case, connect ONE X2 to your phone, open files taken with the Dive Case in the app and select Stitch for Dive Case.




Dimensions: 153.9mmx67.0mmx83.7mm

Weight: 131g

Main Material: PC