Popular Mobile Apps for Live Streaming

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You can now use your mobile phone for live streaming NOW! There are lots of mobile apps for live streaming. You can create your live video anytime anywhere!

If you want to begin a live video with your desktop computer or laptop, you may need a webcam and external microphone. It requires time to set up the equipment. With the popularity of mobile apps, you can start your live video with a mobile phone now. Do you know what kind of mobile app is recommended strongly for live streaming? In the following, we would like to introduce five popular mobile Apps for live streaming.

1. Livestream 

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Most of the users of Livestream are using it for professional purposes. They use high-end video cameras and webcams for live streaming. It shows that Livestream is an outstanding platform for live streaming which can produce high quality of the live video. You can link this live streaming app with Facebook for finding someone who is also using this platform.

You will not miss any of your favourite broadcast since the app will send you a notification when the accounts you follow go live. During the broadcast, you can interact with your audiences from the chat room. This mobile app is suitable for people who want to watch professional live video for different events.


2. Periscope

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Periscope is easy to use and free to download. The highlighted features of this app are that you can search the popular streams to follow and watch by their name, place or using tags for music, food etc. Also, you can share your live video on Twitter and allow your audience to comment on your video. This App can help you to increase the audience volume since the active location sharing mode allows users to find viewers nearby. It can enhance the interaction between viewers and the creators.

If the viewers love the live video, they can support their favourite live streamers by giving Super Hearts to them. The viewers can purchase coins to buy Super Hearts. If the live streamers get more and more Super Hearts, they can redeem the Super Hearts to apply for Super Broadcaster status. It can attract more audiences.


3. Twitch TV

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This live streaming App is targeting and designed for the gaming community. If you are addicted to gaming, you should get this App. You can watch different live videos about the gamer's plays. When you sign up on Twitch, you can start watching gaming tournaments, editorials and game events by video game publishers.

If you want to watch the exclusive game content, you can sign up for the Twitch Premium. You will get the Amazon Prime membership together with the premium account. Twitch TV is popular and getting more than 2 million streamers monthly. If you are interested in gaming or sports, you can share your experience through the live broadcast here and interact with gamer from all over the world.


4. Facebook Live

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Live streaming is more popular in social media. For Facebook users, you can start your live video and interact with your friends now. You don't need to download a new app for it. Your friends can watch your live video on the web and the official Facebook App. It is easy to add filters and text in the live broadcast. There are many different filters you can choose to make your live video more interesting.

You will see your viewers comments from the bottom of the live video. Most of the popular actors and performers will use Facebook Live to communicate with their supporters. Also, some big event such as concerts, awards ceremony etc. with live broadcast through Facebook Live.


5. Instagram Live Stories

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For the latest version of Instagram, live stories feature is launched. You can broadcast a live video by swiping over to the right in Instagram and you will see the 'Live' button. Unlike the other live streaming App, Instagram Live have time-limited on the live video for as long as one hour. After one hour, you need to start again your live video. Also, the live video cannot be watched again if you choose not to save the video. Although you choose to save the live video, people are only required to watch the live video for 24 hours only. After 24 hours, the live video will disappear.

The most impressive features of Instagram Live Stories is that you can invite your friends to do the live broadcast with you. Then, people can saw two live broadcasts at the same time. Even both of you are not in the same place, you can do the live broadcast together. Moreover, your followers will receive a notification when you start your live streaming.


Which live streaming app is your favourite? 

If you are new to live stream, you may try to start your first live video through Facebook Live and Instagram Live Stories. It is easy to operate you don't need to download an extra app for live streaming. In order to stream at these two platforms at the same time to attract more audience, you may get the YoloLiv YoloBox. It can help you to sync your live video to these two platforms with simple tapping only. You can also add some other features to your live video with YoloBox. It is perfect for people who are new to live streaming.

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Check out more information about YoloLiv YoloBox. You will definitely love this small and portable live stream studio and create a professional live video with it! 


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