Feiyu-Vimble-2A-Extension-Action-Camera-Gimbal-stabilizer-light-app-control lightweight
Feiyu-Vimble-2A-Extension-Action-Camera-Gimbal-stabilizer-light-app-control-front stand
Feiyu-Vimble-2A-Extension-Action-Camera-Gimbal-stabilizer-light-app-control-front stand side view
Feiyu-Vimble-2A-Extension-Action-Camera-Gimbal-stabilizer-light-app-control-front extend
Feiyu-Vimble-2A-Extension-Action-Camera-Gimbal-stabilizer-light-app-control-front extend long
Feiyu-Vimble-2A-Extension-Action-Camera-Gimbal-stabilizer-light-app-control-front back
Feiyu-Vimble-2A-Extension-Action-Camera-Gimbal-stabilizer-light-app-control-front close up
Feiyu-Vimble-2A-Extension-Action-Camera-Gimbal-stabilizer-light-app-control-front close up go pro
Feiyu-Vimble-2A-Extension-Action-Camera-Gimbal-stabilizer-light-app-control-front package content

Feiyu Vimble 2A Telescopic Light-weight Action Camera 3-Axis Gimbal

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Feiyu Vimble 2A Telescopic Light-weight Action Camera Gimbal is the best option for action camera users. 

The Vimble 2A is a three-axis gimbal specifically designed for action cameras. It features an 18cm extension rod, with enhanced control of shooting/recording/time-lapse, supports switching between landscape mode and portrait mode, and WiFi Connection.






★Portable and Easy-to-Carry★

Net weight 279g, the Vimble2 A is super lightweight and durable and is considered the lightest action camera gimbal on the market. Three-axis locks ensure the stability of the gimbal. The package also comes with a carrying bag for more convenient use.


★18cm Extension Rod★

The revolutionary handle, which incorporates the 18cm extension rod allows, recording a wider range of scenery.




★More Intelligent WiFi Control★

Through the WIFI connection of the camera, it is much easier for shooting/recording/time-lapse, etc. Automatic password saving helps you skip the complicated operation in connection.



★Redefined Design for Action Camera Stability★

The Vimble 2A is the best gimbal for action cameras that works with GoPro5/6/7/8. It is equipped with a dedicated Gopro quick release system which allows quick and easy installation of your camera.




★Ergonomically Designed Grip★

The ergonomic design of the gimbal handle is comfortable and easy to hold, reducing fatigue to a large extent.




★Multi-Functional APP★

The FeiyuOn App supports motion time-lapse, customize trigger buttons and more personalized settings.




★Quick Mode Switching★

Inclining the handle will quickly enter portrait mode. Suitable for diverse shooting requirements, including daily vlog and Tiktok creation.




★10 Hours Battery Life★

The Vimble 2A is equipped with a 1300mAh battery which is rated for 10 hours. Long-lasting for the whole shooting process.




 Battery type 1300mAh(built-in battery, charging via Micro USB port on handle side).
Theoretical battery time 10h(well-balanced status)
Charging time ≥2h(recommending using 5V/2A adapter for charging the battery. Quick charging is forbidden )
Material ABS&PC compound materials
Weight 277.6g(include a built-in battery, NOT include camera)
Splash-proof No
Rotatable Range Tilting range: 330°(with limitation)
Rolling range: 195°(with limitation)
Panning Range: 330°(with limitation)
Controllable Range Tilt range: +150° to -180°
Roll range: +80° to 115°
Pan range: +85° to 245°