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Trisio Lite 2 is a portable panorama camera specialized in capturing indoor 360°panorama images. 


Zero-Based Photography Skills - Shoot Panoramic 8K Pictures


By using the aspherical distortion-free optical lens and sophisticated CNC motor combined with nodeRotate technology, Trislo Lite 2 can precisely capture the ambient light of any complex indoor space.

Special features of Trislo Lite 2





★ anyScene & nodeRotate Technology ★

Trisio Lite 2 can cope well with a complex light environments regardless of whether the scenario is bright or not. Trisio's panoramic metering will automatically adjust the exposure time to contribute a natural transition between brightness and darkness.

★ One Click Shooting & Automatic Stitching ★ 

Download trisio360camera APP , and connect the camera Wi-Fi through the mobile phone WIFI. whether you are a professional photographer or a realtor,real estate broker, renovation worker, salesman,etc., can easily get a 32 megapixels panoramas through automatic shooting and stitching with one click.

★ Longer Battery Life & Easier Shooting ★ 

At room temperature - Trisio lite2 360 camera can support 200 minutes of continuous shooting once charged, and it also supports charging with a portable power source.

★ Application scenario ★ 

  • Real Estate
  • Construction
  • Tourism
  • Stores
  • Company Brochure
  • Exhibition
  • Insurance
  • Cars

★ Commercial Lens ★ 

By using aspherical distortion-free optical lens and sophisticated CNC motor, combining with nodeRotate technology, Trisio lite 2 can precisely capture the ambient light of any complex indoor spaces. Just simply press the shutter, you can get perfect 8K 32MP high resolution images.

★ Noderotate Technology ★

Trisio Lite 2 is now equipped with the latest design anyScene full-scene adaptive imaging system, effectively solved the brightness suppression and darkness compensation problems. It accommodates the panoramic shooting of various scenes with high-quality visual experience. 

★ APP Remote Controlling ★ 

​​Using a Trisio 360 camera APP, you can remote control Trisio Lite 2 360 camera to complete a panoramic shot within the range of 20 meters.

★ Built-in 8G Storge ★ 

The Trisio Lite 2 360 camera configures 8G ( about 7.1G of user free space) EMMC flash memory to store photos.

★ Quick Plug-in ★ 

The Trisio Lite 2 360 camera can be plugged into the tripod through the quick plug-in.

★ Lightweight & Compact Design ★ 

The Trisio Lite 2 360 camera weights about 150g (not inclusing the quick plug-in) and has a body size of 147mmx51mmx23mm (not including the convex part of the lens).

★ Official Carrying Case ★ 

Trisio provides an official customized carrying case for the Trisio Lite 2 360 camera, which can not only hold accessories like data cables, chargers, and quick plug-ins but also protect the lens and body.

Basic parameters



Resolution: 8K 32MP
Photo format: JPEG
Weight: 150g
Size(mm): 147×51×23
Body storage: 8GB (About 300 sets of photos)
Interface Type: Type-C
Camera battery life: 200min (with the battery fully charged at 25℃)
Battery capacity: 2480mAh
Supporting device: Android 4.4 or iOS 9.0 and above, running memory>2G, internal storage space>2G
ISO: Auto
Sensor size: 1/2.3
Still image resolution: JPG 8000*4000
Wireless Communication Technology: WI-FI

Package Content



1* Trisio Lite 2 360° Camera
1* Carrying Case
1* Quick Plug-in
1* USB Cable
1* Lens Cleaner
1* Instruction & Service Card
1* Pergear Cleaning Cloth